Diverse collection of clubs represented at Falcon Fest

Diverse collection of clubs represented at Falcon Fest

More than 50 colorful tri-fold posters filled the PDR last week during the annual Falcon Fest. From the Paddle Boarding Club to the Future Doctors of America, Palmer Trinity’s club directory is rich in diversity.

From Sept. 5 through 8, Falcon Fest allowed students to learn about the different clubs offered.

“I think clubs are extremely important as they allow students to explore their interests and passions beyond the classroom,” said senior Omar Perez, the president of the Investment Club.

Junior Elsa Gray, who is now president of the Metamorphosis Club, has been involved in her club since she was a freshman.

“Clubs are extremely important because it helps kids really find what they love and help their community in all different ways,” Gray said. “Clubs at PTS help bring unity and connect people.”

This year, students were limited to signing up for three clubs via a Google Form. Previously, students signed up for as many clubs as they want on paper lists at Falcon Fest.

“Because there’s limited PLTs [for club meetings,] we would rather kids choose three clubs and be really committed and go to all the meetings than sign up for 10 clubs and not actually commit to them,” said Student Activities Director Alexandra Cartaya. “I think the most important thing is to find a club that really interests you and something you’re passionate about and that aligns with your goals as a student. If one of your goals is to be involved in community service, for example, pick a club that is very service driven.”

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