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A Week in Iceland

Students pose in front of glaciers after a hike to see this view. “This view was so beautiful and I am so happy I was able to see this,” said 7th grader Emma Salar.

This past spring break, 7th and 8th graders took a trip to Iceland to see all the extraordinary sites. This trip began on March 23 and ended March 31, 2024. 

Throughout the wonderful 7 day trip, the students had an amazing itinerary. Day One of this trip consisted of the students visiting the Viking museum and the bridge between two continents along with the wonders of Iceland Museum. 

Day Two started with the Glacial lagoon, seeing the Skogafoss waterfall, the black beach, and the diamond beach. 

Students pose in front of a giant waterfall. Seventh grader Mia Salar said this was the most memorable site she saw, explaining, “We got to go up right next to it and feel the water on us which was so cool!”

On Day Three, the students saw the ice caves, went on a glacial walk and a hike, and visited Treasure Iceland. 

On Day Four, the group went to the Lava tunnel along with a hike in the national park. 

Day Five was an extremely packed day, and many of the students said that this was their favorite day. The students visited the Golden circle and waterfall, the Geysir area, Icelandic Horse, and participated in dog sledding at Mosfellsheidi.  Seventh grader Emma Salar said, “My favorite excursion was dog sledding because I love dogs and we got to drive the sled which was really fun.”

On Day Six, the students visited the new lava field and saw the famous blue lagoon. And finally, on Day Seven, the students visited the city of Reykjavik. 

This was one of my favorite trips because it had so many fun activities and I had my friends with me,” said 7th grader Mia Salar. 

Students pose for a group picture in front of a spectacular view in Iceland.

The students loved this trip and enjoyed it deeply because they were able to create many memorable experiences. Student Kate Flanagan shared that she loved the bond she was able to create with her friends and teachers. 

For many students, spending a week in Iceland was completely different from America because the two places are so different from each other. Student Mia Salar said, “Miami has more cities and people and in the places we went to in Iceland, there were very few people and a lot of nature.” 

Not only were the Cities more diverse, but so was the food. Student Emma Salar shared, “I liked some food, but most of the food there I did not enjoy as much.”

This was an extremely memorable trip and most students shared that their favorite sites and experiences were ties between dog sledding, the ice cave, and the geysers mainly because all of these excursions are not something you can see everyday. 

“This was most definitely one of my favorite trips that i have been on because not only did I go on many incredible adventures, but i also learned a lot from the experiences, and I am extremely grateful to be able to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity,” Emma Salar said. 

This trip was one to remember for all students that visited Iceland and all recommend that if you attend Palmer Trinity you must travel to Iceland or visit any of the world wide trips that Palmer Trinity has to offer as these trips are ones you will never forget.

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