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Fantasy football offers fun, competition

This screenshot of the ESPN Fantasy Football app shows the recent activity of senior Jake Pearcy’s fantasy league. You can see teams dropping and adding players, maybe even trading players to other teams. The constant activity and attention required to add and keep players on your team to keep winning. “If you don’t keep high levels of attention on fantasy football, other teams will pick up players you may need, and over time it will add up and you can lose,” said Pearcy, who is his league’s manager. (Lou Kipp)

With the football season in full swing, people around the world have been keeping up with their fantasy football games. Built for those with a competitive spirit, the games typically require a buy-in from participants and include funny punishments for the people who fail the league.

Participants use an app to keep up with their leagues. After downloading the app, the league manager can invite anywhere up to 14 people for their league. Then, the manager sets up their fantasy draft, which mimics the official NFL draft, during which participants can pick the best players possible for their team to win on game days. Participants can trade players with other teams in their league, and there is even a free agent market in which you can pick up or drop players from their teams. By the end of the draft, each league participant has a team made up of players from different NFL leagues. Once you start playing, the goal is to keep up with how the players are performing in real NFL games.

“[Fantasy football is] a fun thing to do with a group of friends to make a sport you love even more fun and entertaining,” senior running back Andres Williams said. “It also adds the aspect of competition to the knowledge you have over football.”

Senior football player Andres Williams’ best player is San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey gets Williams good points most game days, with the con of him being injury prone. In fantasy football, it’s important to be aware of each player’s pros and cons.

Some teachers such as Maria Vanegas and Coach Eric Perri play with friends or other teachers.

“Fantasy football is exactly how it sounds, fantasy, meaning anything could happen no matter how much knowledge you have over the sport, which makes it fun for everyone and a hard game to be dominant at,” Perri said.

Coach Eric Perri, reacts to losing by one point to a friend in fantasy football. “I still have no idea how I lost,” Perri said. “No matter how good of players you have, you can lose just as easily as a team with terrible players.” (lo)

Perri’s team is struggling this year because it consists of very good players but the majority have gotten injured. Fantasy football apps will list each team’s names and, next to each player’s name will show their health status.

Despite its ups and down, fantasy football attracts even people who have never even really watched an NFL game just for the excitement of it.

“I don’t know much about football but the idea of drafting good players and competing against my best friends in a fun game with risks and rewards is very fun to me,” senior Alexandra Navarro said.

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