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Local restaurants provide students good times, memories

The Dragon Roll is one of Sushi Maki’s most popular dishes, consisting of shrimp tempura, avocado, spicy mayo and avocado. On Oct. 13, Gabriela Butler walked to Sushi Maki to grab one of these Rolls. “Dragon Rolls are my go-to,” she said. (Margaux Sproul)

Miami is the home to a variety of cuisines, many of which the PTS community enjoys on the weekends and after school hours.

In a survey of 52 students, Flanigan’s, Sushi Maki, and Chicken Kitchen were noted to be some of the most frequently visited local spots. Flanigans, a popular Miami chain, is enjoyed by a variety of people: football fans, big families, and students.

When senior Isabella Monzayet feels hungry, she craves Flanigan’s.

“I just think it’s more than the food,” Monzayet said. “It’s like the environment. And it’s just very fun. Like there’s always good energy in there. The waiters are always super nice. There’s good music.”

There are 24 Flanigan’s locations in Miami. Monzayet visits the Pinecrest location most frequently. She goes there so often, she is familiar with the staff.

“I actually am on a first-name basis with some of the waiters there,” Monzayet said.

Senior Gabriela Butler prefers to spend time at Sushi Maki. Although there is a Palmetto Bay location, she enjoys visiting the Coral Gables spot.

“If I had a choice to eat at any restaurant, I would eat at Sushi Maki,” Butler said. “I like how it’s always consistent and I can always rely on them for the food. My favorite is the Dragon Roll.”

Similarly, Butler enjoys not just the food, but also the overall environment of the restaurant.

“The decorations are really pretty there,” Butler said. “I love sitting outside because sometimes the music is too loud. But I’m always down for Sushi Maki.”

Seatings are also offered outside the Coral Gables location of Sushi Maki. Decorations include a large wall, with a layer of foliage. Sushi Maki locations range from Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, and even Palmetto Bay. “I like to go to the Gables one because it’s close to my house and the vibes are good inside,” senior Katarina Feetham said. (Margaux Sproul)

When sophomore Hunter Sharpe finishes football practice, he always knew where his next stop is: Chicken Kitchen.

“I always get the Mexican Chop Chop with Mustard n’ Curry and extra chicken skin. I’m not picky so I like to have a lot of toppings,” Sharpe said. “I probably go to Chicken Kitchen once every 1-2 weeks.”

Chicken Kitchen, a Miami-exclusive restaurant is known for its reliably filling rice bowls. Bowls are customizable for each customer, so their options are endless. Their 21 restaurants are scattered around Miami, most known spots being in Coral Gables and in Palmetto Bay.

“I like Chicken Kitchen but I also like lots of other restaurants in Miami,” Sharpe says. “I’m glad I live here because I always have lots of cuisines to choose from.”

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